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The layman’s sample practice, organised by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), is a unique Finnish practice that aids in finding and researching national raw material resources. The information collected from layman’s samples also helps to increase the information we have on Finland’s raw material resources.

A layman’s sample (kansannäyte) is a sample of rock or mineral sent to a geologist or other type of expert by an amateur geologist.  Hobbyists can send samples of ore, industrial minerals, industrial stones, natural stones suitable for construction, gemstones, high-tech metals, and critical minerals. A promising sample can lead to a whole new mining or rock industry operation, which benefits all of society.

Kansannäytteet 2016-2017

Interesting samples from laymen are analysed and the results are sent to the finder as well. The locations where the best samples are found are visited together with the person who found them. Promising samples are also rewarded. Photo: Satu Hietala, GTK.