OmaKivi service

OmaKivi is a mobile app and web service for saving boulder and bedrock observations electronically and sending samples to the Geological Survey of Finland’s layman’s sample office.

The OmaKivi service is for anyone interested in rocks and minerals, from occasional rock hobbyists to more active and enthusiastic amateur geologists. Observations can be saved for all locations in Finland. Observations sent via the OmaKivi service are automatically entered in the national rock sample competition. More information on the competition.

Use of the service and having samples analysed are free of charge. However, if you want to send samples to be analysed in the layman’s sample office, you must create a user account in the app first (register as user). Users can register via the mobile application or the web browser version of the service.

The OmaKivi service can be used either by downloading a mobile application from the App Store or Google Play Store, or via a web browser from any device with an internet connection.

OmaKivi web service
Omakivi service